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History of Alderney Golf Club


The first golf club in Alderney was established by the Army Garrison stationed at Fort Albert and Fort Tourgis in the period 1900--1932.

It was situated on War Department land on the south east side of Fort Albert, between Fort Albert road and Saye Bay, known as Fort Albert Hill. It was some 60 acres in size. A small club house was sited below the navigation beacon. The garrison, which at one time exceeded 650, was withdrawn in 1932. The course fell into disrepair and a dairy farm was established which is now referred to as Saye Farm.

In 1961 to promote the tourist industry there was an interest in establishing a Golf Course. Mr "jacko" Jackson a recent resident contacted Mr G Baron, together they researched possible sties having excluded the original site as it was still a working farm.

The first area that was mainly gorse land and ran from Fort Tourgis to Telegraph Tower was discounted as: a. cost prohibitive, b. reluctance of some landowners to co-operate.

In 1967 the current site was selected. This land was owned by the States Of Alderney being part of the areas acquired in June 1965 from the War Department. It was partly covered in gorse and parts were used for grazing and rented out to farmers.

A professional and course designer Mr Frank Pennink was engaged to survey the site and draw up a layout plan of a nine hole golf course that still exists today, other courses that he designed were Vilamoura in Portugal and Noordwijk in Holland, considered amongst the best in the world. The initial groundwork was undertaken with considerable help from the Territorial Army Units, Hampshire & Dorset who had established summer camps at Braye Common. They had brought to the island several heavy duty earth moving pieces of equipment and kindly offered to assist with the initial works at the cost of several crates of beer for the men!

The course was officially opened in 1970, with the first drive going into the car park!

There have been many generous benefactors throughout. Too many to mention but the driving force from day one was Mr George "jacko" Jackson and is sadly missed, The Jacko Trophy is played for every August in his honor and memory.

With thanks to the late Mr G. Baron on his invaluable contribution for providing this article to preserve the history of Alderney Golf Club

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